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Manage team projects or create a personal system to manage daily tasks and problems. Create boards, cards and customize them with additional information such as assignees, description, labels or deadlines.


Oct - Dec 2022


Project management


Work organization management is a key element in various types of enterprises. It consists in precisely defining the tasks related to the creation of the final product, assigning them to the appropriate employees and setting deadlines. Thanks to this, the quality of the final product delivered to external customers will be elevated, and the process itself will become more efficient.


Flow allows users to carry out various projects and achieve their goals. This system helps to systematize and optimize the work organization management process. The customer has the capability to independently configure the system and layers, tailoring them to their specific needs.

Arcanify Role

Market research and layout design. Setting up the project from scratch, utilizing the latest technologies and tools to maintain clean code. Developing both Frontend and Backend architecture. Conducting software testing through unit tests and end-to-end testing.

Creating a secure data management system for storing and organizing information, granting access only to authorized users through a security token, and ensuring online accessibility for your convenience.

Project Showcase

Project Summary

This full-stack project represents a milestone achievement in creating a versatile system for managing team projects or personal task organization. We designed a dynamic platform where you can create boards and customize them with additional details like descriptions, labels, and deadlines. In businesses of various types, efficient work organization management is crucial. This project addresses the challenge of defining tasks, assigning them to the right team members, and setting deadlines, resulting in enhanced product quality and process efficiency.

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