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tarBUS Admin Panel


A sleek yet featured-packed panel that allows administrators to manage bus routes, departures and bus lines. This platform empowers them to establish new connections, schedule timetables, and introduce additional bus stops with ease.


June - Aug 2021


Public transport


Keeping track of bus schedules presents a significant challenge for commuters. An effective solution was required to enable users to receive real-time updates about the next bus arrival at their closest bus stop, helping them arrive punctually for work or school.


We aim to extend our service offerings to additional cities while simultaneously introducing new features that streamline the process for bus administrators to centralize data import.

Arcanify Role

We took on the pivotal task of designing a user-friendly and visually captivating interface using the Figma design tool. Our goal was to strike a perfect balance between intuition and visual appeal. We carefully conceptualized, refined, and iterated on various design elements to ensure the final product exceeded our client's expectations.

In addition to our design efforts, we smoothly transitioned into the implementation phase. Our dedicated team of developers brought our design concepts to life, creating a fully functional, responsive, and feature-rich interface.

Project Showcase

Project Summary

The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) was successfully launched, and we are all set to focus on the final product by introducing new features desired by the client. Working on this project helped us improve our skills in Vue and become better at layout designing. The collaboration made us realize the importance of clear and coherent communication.

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